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EZ Calculator's Financial Calculator Will Calculate For:

Monthly Payment - When Interest Rate, Principal and Number of Payments are Input

Principal - When Interest Rate, Monthly Payment and Number 0of Payments are Input

Number of Payments - When Interest Rate, Monthly Payment and Principal are Input

Interest Rate - When Monthly Payment, Number of Payments and Principal are Input

Other EZ Calculators Calculate:

Mortgage Savings - How Much You Save By Making Slightly Larger Monthly Payments

Amortization Schedules

Payment Breakdowns

Amortization Tables

Interest Only Payments

Negative Amortization (NegAm) Schedules

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

Student Loan Payments

Credit Card Payoffs

Return on Investments (Roi)


All These Online Financial Calculators are Absolutely Free to Use!

In short, you can calculate anything to do with finances on this site!

This Free Financial Calculator

is the Most Advanced

Mortgage Calculator


House Payment Calculator

on the Web!


On This Site, you can calculate mortgage payments, make amortization calculations and even make Student Loan Debt Consolidation Calculations.

And now...

we have the Net's only

Negative Amortization Table Calculator!

In all, 19 Calculators Are Included!


Free Financial Calculator is the biggest calculator of its kind on the Net!

It includes a Negative Amortization Table Calculator! If you wonder why we have a lending crises, see how this baby works! There is NO way this kind of mortgage was ever meant to be paid. Negative Amortization Mortgages, NegAms, as they're called are a rip-off through and through! These are the mortgages the sub prime lenders used to kill the real estate market!

Remember, this mortgage and financial calculator is not owned by any bank or lender or mortgage broker. Its many calculators are here to help you save money on your existing mortgage and lead you in the right direction when you're considering buying a new home or refinancing.

In other words, EZCalculator is FREE. It has every kind of financial calculator there is and...

it is at your disposal!

For KMore Information About What Each Calculator Will Do Go To:

EZ Calculator's Refinamce Calculator's Information Page


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